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Given the current situation, I will be hosting LIVE online yoga classes via Zoom, so that we can unite virtually to 'practice in place' together from the comfort of our own homes!  

These classes will be on a donation basis, with a suggested $10 payment. Of course this is on a sliding scale based on what you can afford to pay right now, I know this is a tough time for us all. Please bear in mind this is in exchange for my time and energy. As the saying goes, 'take what you need, give what you can'. 

The 'studio' will be open 5 minutes prior to the class start time, see you on the mat!

Flower Essence Therapy - healing the emotional body 

Sessions in person, by phone or online via Skype. 

Flower essences are a powerful healing modality which can create deep emotional healing and freedom

  Click here for more information 

Gem Essence Therapy - healing the physical body

Sessions in person, by phone or online via Skype.

Like Flower Essences, Gem Essences facilitate the body to deeply release past trauma and wounding. Our health, reproductive, hormonal, spiritual and energetic issues can then come into balance                            Click here for more information

Intuitive life reading & healing sessions

Sessions are available in person, by phone or online via Skype. Each appointment lasts 1hr.  

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Retreats and Workshops… 

Upcoming in 2021


New Year’s Day Yoga Circle & Ceremony with Gemma

- Drop within & return to your inner rhythms after the holiday season

- Root & reclaim your energy

- Empty into the deep embrace of the unknown

- Seed in fertile ground

After the busy holiday season, you are invited to remember your inner rhythms & empty into the unknown. There is a tendency at this time of year to fill the space of the unknown. On this auspicious first day of the year, allow Gemma to guide you through a self reflective yoga embodiment practice, as you surrender into fertile darkness & sacredly seed what wants to emerge in 2019.

Bring a journal & pen.

Date:  TBC

Where:  TBC

Time:  TBC

Price:  TBC


A community gathering to celebrate the Spring Equinox!

As the sun crosses the celestial equator, there is equal time between night and day. The dark depths of winter begin to give way to longer days of springtime as we honor the balance between dark and the light.

Join Gemma for a community celebration, joyfully planting the seeds of our intentions for a blossoming springtime of creative manifestation!  The afternoon will include a nourishing all levels yoga practice to cleanse and stoke the fires of motivation, guided yoga nidra to restore and plant your intentions, ceremony and celebration to activate manifestation.

When: TBC

Where: TBC

Time: TBC

Price: TBC


Winter Solstice Yoga Circle & Ceremony with Gemma

- Trust in the silence

- Honor the changing seasons

- Complete in the darkness

- Welcome the light back into your life!

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you are invited to rest in silence, honor the darkest day and complete all that has been this year.. Gemma will guide you through a nourishing restorative yoga practice, self-reflection, conscious closure and inner healing. Trust in the sacred pause as we enter the darkness. Celebrate your inner light as the earth’s light begins to return. Get still, slow down & listen to your inner knowing as we align with the earth’s wintery rhythms.

Bring a journal, pen & symbol/image of what you are completing at this time.

Date:  TBC

Where:  TBC

Time:  TBC

Price:  TBC

NOURISHING THE FEMININE; A women's retreat for body, mind & soul

Calling all Women!

Join me for this nourishing online urban retreat from the comfort of your own space as we weave yoga, restorative yoga, guided meditation, journaling, sacred priestess practices, flower essences, creative expression, shamanic journeying & lunar wisdom together to NOURISH THE FEMININE, heal our ancient bloodlines and explore all that we are!

Location:  online

Women's Wellness Urban Retreat; A journey into the chamber of the heart with the Goddess of Love

Beautiful One, it is time to offer the healing essence of self-love to yourself. To stop belittling, judging and comparing yourself. This is your invitation to shift your focus away from obsessing over your outer form of beauty and to go within.

Get real with what IS and grasp the notion that YOU are a unique creation! Fully embrace yourself as a woman standing in her own power and radiating that out to the world for all to see, unapologetically and in full awe of her own unique beauty.

With gratitude as our guide and the expansion of the senses as our tool, we will explore and dive into the chamber of the heart to access the Goddess of Love.

Sisters, lets unite in being-ness to turn the volume up on LOVE!

Affirming what it is to be a woman and what it is that you choose to create in the world. Let's unfurl our own petals and blossom in reverence of our own love and sensate beauty.

I invite you to dive deep with me into the frequency of pink and enter the temple of the GODDESS OF LOVE.  

She is awaiting your YES! 


Moon Temple Online Community...

Each moon we connect to celebrate our womb wisdom and feminine spirit. This live temple call hosted by Gemma provides sacred space to deepen, nourish and get to know our own inner temple. Each temple lasts 1hr  and includes a meditation, moon wisdom, inner inquiry and sharing. 

The 2020 online community is open

Email Gemma to register your interest

Moon Circle Series, local sisterhood, Pacific Grove California...

Join an incredible group of women in circle to connect, purify and activate our feminine energy.  Discover the power of your innate wisdom as we meet in sacred space and gather in sisterhood. Let me guide you through women’s wisdom and embodiment practices, connecting womb to moon as we journey into different aspects of the goddess every fortnight.  Explore deep healing & creative potential via breath, movement, visualization & ceremony.  

Reconnect to nature and reclaim your truth, beauty & wild sacred wisdom!

The doors to the Spring Series are now open. To register your interest click here.

Moon Circle Series - click here to complete feedback form

Practice Ideas… 

Create an Altar...

An altar is a sacred space that you create. The purpose of this space is to remind your self to come home. I like to place things on my altar that signify beauty, love and healthy relationships.  There are no hard or fast rules, just listen to what feels good and go with it...

Here's a few tips of getting started, let me know how it goes!

What is it that you wish to create in your life?

What do you choose to manifest?

1. find a space to create your altar, this can be a windowsill, shelf, table and be inside or outside. Ideally it's a space where you can sit quietly. Best if it's not in a main thoroughfare, so the energy is not disturbed frequently

2. clean the space - you can do this by smudging with sage, spraying a purifying spray or simply holding the intention that the space be clear and free of all negative energies

3. form an intention - what is it that you wish from your time at your altar?

4. place anything on your altar that remind you of your intention. Pictures of loved ones, teachers, crystals, fresh flowers, statues of deities, any gifts of nature you find throughout your day- leaves etc. You choose what feels good and feel free to change it up anytime, remember this is about YOU and what makes you remember your beauty and who you want to be in this lifetime.

5. Visit your altar regularly, I tend not to make any rules about this. Perhaps just place your intention to arrive once a day for a few moments, sit, close your eyes and breathe.

You can stay for as long as you like in this sacred space and return anytime. Practice some of the meditation offerings below, try a restorative pose, or simply just 'be' for a while. Enjoy! xxx

Video & Audio Gifts… 

Enjoy this short video clip with practice gift for releasing and letting go:

Here's a short audio meditation you can practice in the energy of the New Moon.  

Enjoy and let me know how you get on,

New Moon Practice