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About Gemma…...

Gemma is a transformational guide. She uses empowerment & emotional freedom coaching, flower & gem essences, yoga, intuition & shamanic practices to shift core beliefs & habit patterns that hold women back from living their deepest desires. 

She is a priestess & works specifically with the sacred feminine to empower women to connect with their true nature, releasing deep seated habit patterns that are no longer serving so they can fully embody & embrace their truth.

She draws upon a multitude of skills, natural gifts, ancient yogic, shamanic & priestess teachings to create sacred space and a channel for healing transmission.

Specialising in Womb Wisdom, Gemma delivers exquisite programs which offer deep guidance, support and nourishment to all Women.

Gemma's regular Yoga during the ongoing Pandemic are all online and currently as below:


6.30am - 7.45am

Move & Meditate
30 minutes of gentle movement, followed by 30 minutes 
of quiet reflection & meditation

Via Zoom, click on link below to register


9.15 - 9.30am = Quiet time for meditation
9.30 - 10.45am = Hatha yoga class 
Join when you can
Via Zoom, click on link below to register


I invite you into inquiry with yourself.  To connect in person, online and across the globe and unite, each in our own unique power. 

To remember the sacred and our ancestors who walked before us. To celebrate our wombs, our hearts and our innate wisdom."

" ... let’s continue to rise as one heart, embodying the sacred feminine to collectively co-create an awakened consciousness. Take time to love and nourish your body, your sacred temple in which you get to live, move and act through this lifetime. Embrace yourself and delight in your curves, your sensuality, your vulnerability. Honour your ancestors and heal the bloodlines that run through your veins. Create healthy boundaries. Connect to the wisdom that lives within your womb and birth your voice, your vision and your unique version of YOU into the world. Stand up, rooted in your own divine power and shine as brightly as you can…no one else can do it quite like you!"

" ….honoring the balance in our hearts of the feminine and masculine.  In deep respect and gratitude for the capacity of all the men who embrace their feminine and hold space for the healing within themselves and others, we honour your divine masculine wisdom. This is not about the women of the world rising alone; it’s about standing together, side-by-side, in equality, in balance and in love."

And so it is, 

Blessings as Love x