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Whilst from an alignment background, Gemma is less interested in the perfection of poses (asana) and more in the liberation and healing found in yoga therapy and cyclical awareness.  Specialising in Womb Wisdom, Well Woman Yoga Therapy and Flower Essence Therapy for women, Gemma guides you to remember the wisdom already within.  

"Just like a baby, your body longs for your conscious connection, presence and love.   It is my belief that as the awareness and body unlocks and re-members itself, so opens the capacity to heal not only ourselves, but the past."  

She delivers exquisite programs which offer deep guidance, support and nourishment.  

Drawing upon a multitude of skills, natural gifts, ancient yogic, shamanic & priestess teachings Gemma creates sacred space, and a channel for healing transmission. As a priestess of the Moon, she works with sacred feminine qualities to empower a reconnection with true nature, releasing deep seated habit patterns and core beliefs, so your truth may be fully embraced & embodied.   Her practice and teaching respects the cyclical powers of the living earth, and honours human life cycles as spiritual initiations (including conscious menstruation, menopause, birth and postnatal recovery).

She is part of Yoni Shakti - The Movement to eradicate the abuse of women in yoga.

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Jagadambe Mata Ki Jai! ​

 She whose body is the earth, we honour you!

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